Our Music

Barbershop harmony is unique in its approach. We meld science and artistry together in an attempt to create the most pleasing and exciting sound possible. Our music revolves around overtones - extra sounds generated by a group of singers matching their voices in perfect harmony.

We focus heavily on entertainment, and we always look for the message in our music. The story can come to life in many different ways, including through choreography, body language, and facial expression.

Our repertoire is diverse and varied - we love singing our twists on classic barbershop numbers, but will equally turn our hand to jazz, blues, classic pop, folk music, and pretty much anything else!

Our Silver Medal performance from the 2016 Irish International Chorus Competition

Our Club

Spirit of Harmony is the performance chorus of the Vale of York Barbershop Harmony Club - a group of like-minded individuals with a shared love of music. We believe that our singers do their best work when they're having fun with friends, so our atmosphere is one of enjoyment, hard work, and high reward.

We have frequent social events, including an annual Christmas party, as well as weekly post-rehearsal 'afterglows' in a local pub.

Our Charity

The Vale of York Barbershop Harmony Club is a registered charity which exists to bring music to the community. We actively engage in local charitable events, take part in fundraising, and seek opportunities to work with groups in the community to give the gift of music through performances, workshops, and more.

What We've Achieved

  • Multiple National Bronze Medals at the British Association of Barbershop Singers annual convention
  • Irish Association of Barbershop Singers International Chorus Silver Medal 2016
  • Multiple music festival appearances and awards