We're fortunate enough to have an active membership, and everyone does something extra to help the club.

There are two groups of people in particular who go the extra mile to help us achieve more.

Performance Team

The Performance Team is responsible for all decisions relating to musical leadership.


Musical Director - Sally McLean

Sally has been singing barbershop for over 30 years with The White Rosettes - a Leeds-based ladies' group who have won their national competition an unprecedented 15 times.

Sally has directed The White Rosettes for more than 15 years, and has taken them to 7 national championships and 2 European championships. She joined Spirit of Harmony in 2012 as Musical Director - she provides the vision and leadership to bring our performances together.


Assistant Musical Director - Andy Salter

Andy is a true Spirit of Harmony veteran, having been with the chorus since very early in its history. He directed the chorus for a number of years, taking them to their first ever National medal position.

After stepping down as Musical Director in 2012, he has served as Assistant Musical Director. He is also a vital member of the creative team which develops the vision for our competition packages.


Tenor Section LEader - Peter Bryant

Peter started singing barbershop in Sheffield in 2007. He has won a number of chorus and quartet awards including the National Youth Quartet Championship and National Chorus Championship.

He moved away from home to study in York in 2013, at which point he joined Spirit of Harmony. In 2015 he became Tenor Section Leader, making him responsible for facilitating the learning, leadership, and development of the Tenor section.


Visual Team Leader & Lead Section Leader - Jonny Coulter

Jonny provides the stunning visual plans that have earned Spirit of Harmony its reputation in barbershop competition and public performance. He continues to deliver exciting packages, as well as looking after the Lead section.


Baritone Section Leader - Dean Whitehouse

Dean is another stalwart of Spirit of Harmony, and has been in his position as Baritone Section Leader for a number of years. He is also active in quartet, and has a number of National Senior Quartet Championship titles to his name.


Bass Section Leader - les Whitworth

Les lives and breathes barbershop. As well as leading our Bass section, Les is the Assistant Director for Main Street Sound - a ladies' chorus based in York. 

He sings in a few quartets - most notably Delekate with his wife Karen, our own Dean Whitehouse, and Main Street Sound director Terry Adamson.


Performance Team Secretary - Simon McGraw

Simon's job is to ensure the performance team stays organised and on track. He records minutes at all our meetings, sets the agendas, and keeps all our records up-to-date.

Executive Committee

The Exec is responsible for the running of the club including events management, membership, finance, and planning.

CHairman - Tim braham

Tim comes from the famous Braham family, who between them have all but two of the National Gold medals they're eligible to win. Tim himself has 2 National Quartet Gold Medals.

He's been a member of Spirit of Harmony for a long time, and since taking over as Chairman has achieved a number of things, including overseeing the creation of a new 5-year Plan for 'futureproofing' the chorus.

Vice Chairman & Secretary - Mike Collinson

Mike is the guy to whom all work falls if it isn't caught by somebody else. He works tirelessly for the benefit of the club, including organising trips to conventions, and general club administration.

Treasurer - Carl Iles

Carl and his wife Tracy work incredibly hard to keep the club finances in order, including collecting subs, approving payments, receiving fees for performances, and keeping the books in order. 

Membership Secretary - Colin Jenkins

Colin is responsible for looking after the club members. He keeps the details up-to-date, records attendance, and oversees the induction process for new members. He has also organised our annual chorus retreat for a number of years.

Librarian - Simon McGraw

Simon is in charge of our vast catalogue of sheet music, and his responsibilities include distributing new music, overseeing the recall of discontinued music, as well as dealing with copyright holders to ensure we have full permission to perform all our music.

Singout Secretary - Mike Dowd

Mike Dowd is a past Chairman and Honorary Life Member of the club. His responsibilities in his new role include collaborating with venues and other groups and artists to organise performances, as well as producing marketing materials.