Spirit of Harmony come 5th in National Contest

In May 2017, Spirit of Harmony travelled to Bournemouth to take part in the BABS National Barbershop Chorus competition. This is an annual event, and a vitally important item in Spirit of Harmony’s calendar every year.

Having placed 6th in 2016, with a score of 74.8%, we were incredibly pleased to improve both our score and ranking, achieving 76.8% and 5th place out of 39 overall.

We’d like to thank a few people who made a real difference to our package this year. The first is Rob Barber, who coached us on two occasions and helped bring the story to life. The second is Dr Liz Garnett, whose masterful bespoke arrangements of ‘Bugsy Malone’ and ‘Bad Guys/Down and Out’ inspired a fantastic journey to contest. We had so much fun preparing these songs!

We’d also like to mention Les McGhee who hand-crafted our props but was unfortunately unable to join us on stage, and Mike Earle who wrote and produced the ‘New York Tunes’ flyer which was distributed around the contest venue.

Finally, we’d like to thank everyone who has supported us this year, including our friends and family whose sacrifices enable us to do what we love. Thanks also go, as always, to everyone kind enough to watch our performance in the contest - we are truly grateful for your applause.

Now that contest preparation is over (for now!), we’re putting together some exciting plans for the next few months. Watch this space!

Full contest scoresheet available here.