Featured Singer - Calvin Laverick

Calvin Laverick is one of our younger members and is a stalwart of the bass section.

How did you get into barbershop?

Mum had been singing with a Ladies' chorus for about a year and she decided to drag me to a NBYC rehearsal. I went along and Joe White convinced me to come along to a Spirit of Harmony rehearsal. I haven’t managed to leave yet.

Do you sing in any other choirs or barbershop choruses?

I used to sing in a primary school choir and I did sing with the National Barbershop Youth Chorus. I now also sing with Fuse: a barbershop project. I am still working on that quartet!

What do you like most about singing barbershop?

The passion of everyone in it. The singing, the friendship, the chords and the choreography and the... everything basically!

Any favourite barbershop songs?

Once upon a time, Yesterday I Heard the Rain, Ebb Tide, Java Jive, Music Of The Night, Blue Skies and, according to my music library, about 226 more.

Any particularly fond barbershop memories or highlights?

Not really a memory that I’m fond of, but if you mean pleasantly traumatising, then I will go with my first ever rehearsal where Andy Salter shoved me in a quartet and told me to sing a tag. Shaky and scared I just about managed it. I would say that one of my fondest memories was singing tags at Harmony College at 4am in the morning. Sober, of course. (Ed: of course)

What other music do you enjoy?

Wait...there is other music than barbershop?

Tell us about your family.

My mum Lisa is of undisclosed age, by her request, and sings barbershop with my granny Pam in Main Street Sound. She also sings with Rainbow Rhythm Barbershop Quartet who I am extremely proud to coach on a weekly basis. My dad Roy doesn’t really sing, unless you mean loudly in the shower! As for my brother, he now lives in Norway, that’s quite far just to get away from me.

Favourite film, books and TV?

One of my favourite films is American Harmony. Get the feeling I am a little obsessed? (Ed: Yes) I also love Airplane. My favourite TV show would be Scrubs and Doctor Who, David Tennant and Christopher Eccleston of course! And for books it would probably be anything that helps me get through my A Levels!

Any other significant pastimes?

Homework, thinking about barbershop, spending my money on music.

Tell us about your education and your work, past or present.

I have just started my A Levels at Fulford Sixth form. I am currently taking biology, psychology, sociology and chemistry. There were no other -ologies sadly. (Ed: pity they didn't offer barbershopology A-level) I volunteer at charities in my spare time. I am currently trying to further my singing to the best it can be so I can become a singing judge and coach quartets and choruses.